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Our brand new delicatessen located in Leatherhead High Street probably has the largest selection of Italian specialities you have ever seen! 

Italian Charcuterie has proved popular for a very long time, although modern day trends are seeing more and more of us providing food on wooden platters or slate trays to enjoy with friends. A truly relaxing, delicious way to dine.

We show you a few examples of our offerings below, along with great ways to combine items to create grazing boards. If you are catering for larger numbers or have a private party you wish to host, please get in touch as we will be sure to provide exactly what you are looking for.


great food

Delicatessen Specials…


Charcuterie was originally used as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration. Italian cold cuts are made from pork and include salami, pancetta, prosciutto and many more.

Don’t be fooled into thinking these are largely of the same taste however, each name represents a different cut of meat, along with the varying curing styles. They are heavily influenced by geographical region and each one has it’s own unique flavour and texture.

the cheeses

You must pay us a visit to experience the full variety of cheeses we have on offer. When it comes to Italian cheese however, there are at least 9 that you should really get to know! We’ve listed just a few below.

Whether from cow, sheep, goat or buffalo you are sure to find something just to your liking at our counter.

If you are unsure of what to put together, or would like advise on creating sharing boards please just ask! 



Antipasti and italian oils


An absolute must when it comes to a well stocked deli. This is the counter that foodies dream of! A huge array of salads, olives and dips, you will be simply spoilt for choice. 

Fresh bread produced daily at Trend1 Delicatessen

the bakery

A full selection of daily baked fresh breads and pastries.

Hot italian savoury food including arancini

Hot & savoury

A fantastic choice of warm Italian savoury food awaits you. We have a wide selection of choice, including Sicilian specialities such as Arancini or delicious Ravazzata (a brioche style bun filled with savoury meats or vegetables). 



Desserts and pastries

desserts and pastries

Whether it’s traditional Italian cakes, delightful pastries or traditional biscuits, we offer plenty to satisfy a sweet tooth. We’ve put just a few teasers for you below.


Have a special occasion coming up? Pop in and take a look at just some of the amazing celebration cakes we produce. 

Speciality cakes available to order


One of the most well known products, salami come in a variety of sizes and styles. Salami are salted and spiced meat, ground and encased in an elongated form, then left to undergo natural drying and fermentation for days, months or even years.

Some of the best loved salami comes from Italy and we stock several varieties.


Pancetta is one of the most commonly used Italian meats. It is made from the same cut as bacon (typically pork belly) and is cured in garlic, salt, spices and ground pepper. Other aromatics are often used to give distinct flavours.

Pancetta can come sliced paper thin or cubed. The thin slices are delightful wrapped around vegetables or meat before cooking. Cubed pancetta are normally used more like bacon, sauteed with onions or garlic and used in risottos or soups. Commonly packed into Italian Carbonara dishes to add a full punch of flavour.


Salsiccia are Italian version of sausages but chunkier than the ones the British are used to. They often have the addition of pancetta and are packed full of herbs and spices.

There are so many uses for these, either make a delicious pasta sauce or cook with tomatoes, onions and red wine and serve on a bed of polenta.


Originating from Lombardy, this cow’s milk cheese is made in 2 styles. The softer, more mellow dolce (sweet), and a naturale (aged) which is more intense and aged for over a year. All gorgonzola is wonderfully garlicky and peppery and goes great with a ballsy Italian red wine like Amarone or Barolo.


Originating from Lombardy, this cow’s milk cheese may pack a raging smell but it’s a wonderfully complex cheese that simply must be served at room temperature (as should all cheeses) to enjoy it’s gooey glory!

Smear on crusty bread and enjoy with a fruity whit wine such as a Soave or a big red such as Barolo or Barbaresco.


Prosciutto is what the Italians refer to as ham and can be cooked (Prosciutto Cotto) or air dried (Prosciutto Crudo). Possibly the best known type of Prosciutto Crudo is Parma Ham (Prosciutto di Parma).




Bresaola is an Italian cured meat which is thinly sliced and served chilled or at room temperature. Compared with many other types of cured meat, this is very lean as it is made from a single muscle and any outer fat removed before curing. It is a little like a lean prosciutto but made with beef instead of pork.





Pronounced “dooj-ah”, this is a particularly spicy, spreadable pork sausage from the region of Calabria in Southern Italy. Pork meat and fat are ground very finely and sweet pepper, hot pepper and salt added. After processing, this is stuffed into casings, smoked with olive and orange wood smoke and rested in special maturing rooms for at least 30 days.


Pecorino Toscano

Originating from Tuscany, this sheep’s milk cheese is a little bit oily and a lot heavenly! There is depth and opulence caused by the butterfat and is great served alongside a salad and prosciutto for lunch. Paired with Chianti or Brunello and served with olives is another wonderful way to enjoy.

Fontina D’Aosta

Originating in several regions including Parma, Reggio Emilia and Mantova, this cow’s milk cheese is the Italians answer to Gruyere. It’s a fruity, perfumed number which is perfect served with a spread of charcuterie and fruit. Also equally at home in a grilled panini or sandwich or the star of a fondue.


bespoke orders?

We Love a Special Request!

If you are catering for a special occasion or larger than usual group and wish to put together a special order for your guests please get in touch. We will be happy to advise on what to put with what, the quantities you may require and package it all together for you to save you as much stress as possible. Simply get in touch and we’ll be sure to look after you well.


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